The Chargers won their game this Saturday at Hart Park vs. the Waukesha Raider 21-14 in a nail biter.  Taking the opening kickoff and on the fourth play of the game RB Eddie Bailey took the hand off to the left side and ran 42yds for the first score of the game, the extra point was good making the score 7-0.  The defense was able to keep the Raiders in the middle of the field for the first and second quarters.  A 68yd interception returned for a TD by Joe Brooks was called back due to a roughing the passer penalty, and a sack put an end to the first half.  The defense continued its run of  multiple sack games with 5 to go on top of the 3 they had the week prior. 

The Raiders take the second half kickoff and march down field but the defense holds giving the Chargers the ball back on the 17yd line.  After runs of 24 and 49yds by Eddie Bailey, two consecutive 5yd runs from FB Montel Taylor punched the ball in the end zone to make the score 13-0 middle of the third quarter.  The Raiders were able to score early in the fourth with the two point conversion to make it 13-8 after a 10yd pass play from QB Mikey Bernal.  After the score the Chargers go three and out and the pressure on the punter caused him to run but he was tackled giving the Raiders the ball at the chargers 27. The Raiders were able to punch it in with another Bernal TD from the 10, with the miss extra point it made the score 14-13 with 1:40 left on the clock.

The Chargers take the kick-off to their 45yd line to start the final drive. On the first play of scrimmage QB Shannon King was able to find WR Shaq Russel down the left sideline for a 35yd gain to the Raider 20. The next play king finds Bailey out of the backfield for a 8 yd gain to the Raiders 12.  Bailey rushes for 1yd on second down to the Raiders 11, King then keeps the ball himself on third and 1 and gets to the Raiders 5.  A 2yd run from Taylor show had to grab the ball off the bounce from a bobbled snap makes it 2nd a goal from the 3.  on the next play Markese Williams drops a pass wide open in the middle of the end zone to make it 3rd and goal.  Shannonthrough a fade to the corner that is just out of the reach of WR Derrick McCall bringing up 4th and goal and the field goal team. Its a clean snap but the punter Chase Zablocki (kid 18 still in high school) bobbles the snap and starts to run to the left, getting a great block from FB Garcia Sullivan is able to go in for the go ahead score with 9.4 seconds left on the clock.  King keeps the ball for the 2pt conversion making it 21-14.  A last ditch effort from the Raiders was stop by the final sack of the night by blitzing LB Gemal McGowan.

Quotes from HC Scott Bolin- It was a game that tested us all.

Quotes from RB Coach Travis McGill-  I think we acted poised and confidently on the last drive. I honestly feel that we would were going to prevail by the look in the offense eyes.

It was our first preseason game of the season against a Bulldog team that already had 2 games under their belts.  they received the ball first and the defense was able to hold them to 3 and out forcing a punt on 4th down from the bulldogs 25.  Pressure on the punter forced a short kick where Shag Russel caught the ball on the Bulldog 48 and returned it for the Touchdown.  we went for two and didn't convert making it 6-0 just a couple minutes into the game.  After the kick off the defense once again held for a 3 and out and after another short kick we get the ball on the Bulldog 35.  First play from scrimmage Shannon King is forced out of the pocketto his right, with the defender about to lower a hit he launches the ball in the end zone connecting with Shaq Russell for the 35yd TD.  The two point conversion failed and we were up 12-0 only4:30 into the game. 

We started doing a lot of substitutions after this to get looks at as many players as we could.  the offense was pretty stagnant the rest of the first Quarter and right before the end a bad center/qb exchange gave the Bulldogs the ball on our side of the field for the first time all game

at our 42yd line.  After a 9 play drive aided by a pass interference call on our 19 the Bulldogs Jose Malave was bale to score on a QB sneak followed by a failed two pt conversion to make it 12-6. First play after the kick off a Bulldog Defender was injured trying to make the tackle, the game was stopped as he was evaluated and after about a 15 10 minute delay an ambulance was called and both teams coaches and refs decided to take the half time at that about with 11:42 left in the 2nd quarter. 

Turn overs killed us after the break even fumbling the 2nd half kick off but I defense remained solid and didn't allow any additional points in the third quarter and allowing less than 100 yds for the entire game. We were able to cap off the scoring with a 2yd TD run by Eddie Bailey capping of a 15 drive mired by penalties.  The game was called after the third quarter due to the fact that guys on the Bulldogs team were fighting each other.  All in all we only played a little over 2 quarters of football.